About Us


The Soul Assassins are a group of friends who enjoy playing many online games. This chapter of the Soul Assassins was originally formed on the old Middle-earth Online forum, a game which has since become the Lord of the Rings Online.  Over time we have grown into a number of other games, including Guild Wars and also World of Warcraft.  When MEO changed to LOTRO gave our LOTRO chapter a new name, SA: The Bloody Fellowship.

Due to the majority of the Guild deciding not to play LOTRO or to go into guilds which continued their interest in LOTRO, The Soul Assassins went into hibernation. 4 years spent following a game which missed on nearly all expectations takes a while to get over.

In late 2007 we are stirring again from our slumber. Warhammer - Age of Reckoning looks and feels like it would be a good home for our Brethren. We look forward to being there for sometime.

SA is first and foremost a gaming guild. Having come from various roleplaying guilds in the past, we have found that sometimes roleplaying can conflict with the main point: the game itself. We enjoy roleplaying and roleplaying games, but do not believe that strict adherance to roleplaying rules should in any way diminish our enjoyment of playing the game.

We spend a lot of time in IRC chat, which for us is the best way to get to know if someone fits in. Trust is our highest commandment. We treat newcomers with the highest respect and act swiftly to expel anyone found misusing or disrespecting the trust shown or given.

The Soul Assassins are made up of a highly diverse group of people. We base our membership standards upon friendliness and maturity, although we have no minimum age requirement for joining. Our members range from the teens into the forties, and live all over the world. Our main goal is to play games online with people that we consider good friends and who we trust, and to have fun doing it. If any of this sounds like what you're looking for, then SA may be the home for you.


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